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The Faces of Lake Country: Laura McComis & Veronica Meridith

Meet Laura McComis and Veronica Meridith! Together, they own Our Quilting Workshop in Hartland. Laura caught the quilting bug from Veronica about seven years ago, and the two friends began to dream about opening a quilt shop. They realized this dream when Our Quilting Workshop opened in February, 2020. Shortly after opening, Laura and Veronica…

Barbara Dittrich

President Dwight Eisenhower once said, “Take your job seriously, but not yourself.” That seems to be the motto by which State Representative Barbara Dittrich lives. Originally from Milwaukee, Barb spent 13 years as a local investment advisor before creating a faith based non-profit organization for families dealing with chronic health issues called Snappin’ Ministries. Barb…

Lee Hayden

Step into artist Lee Hayden’s Victorian home and you’ll find a friendly orange tabby named Garfield, a sprawling workshop covered in portraits and sketches, and a warm, lovely lady that has touched many lives in Lake Country. At Shorehaven and Wilkinson Manor, Lee has enriched seniors’ lives teaching them to make soap and candy, paint…